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These are my babies
 I'm a life long resident of Columbus, In and have grown up around all different types of animals. I completely understand how a pet becomes a huge part of your family because i've lost the three babies in the picture above and now have another  black lab and another boxer.  its just heartbreaking when we loose a dog because they are family members. Dogs just can't be replaced ! but it does help heal the grief of getting another dog to cuddle, hike, and snuggle with.  My dogs are my life and their not ' just a dog'!! I treat all the boarders that stay here as my own family member and get so attached to all of them.   I feed all the dogs individually so theirs no chance of any dogs getting in a fight.  All the boarders have plenty of dog beds here, and a futon to sleep on.  I have a huge addition added onto my home where the dogs have full run of the room, its heated and cooled and they have a 6 ft tall chainlink fenced area outside that they can run and play and get their energy out. I also take dogs on walks if you'd like. I do require all dogs be up to date on all vaccinations, that you bring your dogs food so they don't get upset tummies and i'm very used to giving shots, or any medications that the dogs need and you're also welcome to bring blankets, toys or anything that will make your dog feel completely at home here. I've been boarding dogs for 15 years and love what i do. You'll never feel guilty when you take a vacation and leave your dog with me. I send videos everyday so you know exactly what your dogs are up to, who they choose as their favorite playmate and how their eating and sleeping.