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About Me.

I am a life long resident of Columbus Indiana and have grown up surrounded by many different types of animals. I completely understand how a pet becomes a huge part of your family because our two dogs and 4 rabbits are like our children to us.   My pet sitting business started from my love and compassion for animals and has expanded from pet sitting and dog walking to our new in-home boarding facility.  Each pet will be treated as one of our family members and receive the same love and care that our own pets receive. I am experienced in administering medications, understand each pet's individual needs and personalities, experienced with older dogs and their special needs, and able to handle any situation that might arise. Our in-home boarding is not just a job for me it's my passion and love of always being surrounded by many different animals. I am also an avid outdoor and nature lover, enjoy cutting wood with my husband, spending as much time as possible outside with my own two dogs, and absolutely love feeding the deer, turkey, birds and squirrels that stop by our outdoor feeders each day. My days are filled with walking all the dogs through our woods, making sure each boarder is completely happy here and feels at home, receives all the love it would receive from it's owner, giving plenty of play time, snuggle time, and making sure each pet receives the proper nutrition and following each owners requests for each pet's individual needs.


My Pet Care Business


The fact that I am the owner and care giver in our own home is a great benefit to our camp guests.  You will always have me caring for your pets in our home 24 hrs a day. This ensures the best care, comfort, security, and familiarity of your pet and since all pets sleep and play in our home they will have constant attention and love. Additionally, I am able to provide you with affordable, reliable, and professional pet care by focusing my energy on each pet and their individual needs. Each pet guest will receive 3 daily leashed walks through wooded trails, outside play time in a fenced in area, nap time inside on comfy dog beds or our couches, and all pets sleep in our home. I will be glad to customize each camp stay to each pets individual needs.



Preferred Pet Sitters

Dash, Ruby, Brody and Zoey





Lab Fest

Buck, Cooper, Ace, Hershey, Morgan, Zoey and Gretta

Daily Dog Walking and Pet Sitting

Daily Dog Walking.

All the Daily Dog Walking is offered by my Brother.

My Brother Curt Fulp does Daily Dog walking and noon time potty breaks.  He also offers Pet Sitting in your own home if you feel your Dog or Cat would feel more comfortable staying in their own home environment. The Pet Sitting is 3,  30-45 minute visits each day to your Home. He will feed, water, walk your Dogs, give them tender loving care and spend plenty of time with your Dog's or Cats so they feel comfortable while you are away. He also offers Daily Dog Walking and Mid Day Potty Breaks.
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