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Never again will you feel guilty when you need to be away from your dog! My  clients leave with peace of mind knowing that their beloved canine companion is a welcomed guest in the home of a trusted animal lover who truly cares for the welfare and happiness of their pets. Because your pet stays with a dog lover it will quickly bond with me and is far less likely to fret. You can go on your vacation without feeling guilty about leaving them at my home.

The luxury accommodations are designed to provide your pets with a home like environment while combining the primary essentials of health, safety, love, care and attention needed for pets lodging away from home.  I take great pride in the clean, safe environment and meticulous personal attention to your pets and their individual needs.  I go to every extreme to provide your loved ones with the ultimate home away from home Experience. 

For those of you with large breed puppies, older dogs, or shy dogs, rest assured that I will do whatever is necessary to make your dog comfortable and well relaxed while they are here. 

I provide outdoor spacious fenced area to allow each dog to spend sometime each day outside in a safe enclosed area. Each dog will receive 3 walks per day on a leash and never unattended. I accept dogs of medium size to large breeds as long as they are friendly and  I provide 24 hour supervised care.

While indoors resting, your pet can listen to tv, play with toys or snuggle in my lap or on soft dog beds or couches. I provide soft, comfortable bedding and a variety of yummy treats through out the day (with your approval according to their dietary needs and taking into consideration those pets that might have allergies or be on special diets). While each dog is inside they will have free run of the house and no crates or kennels unless they prefer to sleep in a crate at night.

*All dogs need to be up-to-date on shots, have a vet record of last shots administered, kennel cough vaccination, and be on regular flea and tick control.

Flexible drop-off and pick-up times will allow you to do this at a time that suits your schedule as well as mine. This means that you can fit your pets drop-off in with all the other things you need to do before you go away and you can be reunited with your best friend even sooner when you get home. I offer Sunday pick-ups and also pet transportation to and from my  kennel with advanced arrangements. 

I ask that you send along the food that your dog loves to eat so that their will not be any  change in their diet,  and your dog will not have an upset tummy, your pet will be happier and you won't have to worry that he/she isn't eating.  I also suggest bringing along any dog bed, toys, treats etc. that is your pets favorite. This will greatly help in them feeling right at home in our home.

If your pet is on medication please bring the medication in the container/bottle from the Vet that prescribed the medication and I will be happy to administer the medication.

24 hour supervision.

One-on-One Handling.

Lots of snuggle and cuddle time indoors.

3 daily walks provided and plenty of play time.

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